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Pets Welcome : Pet-Friendly Motels | Motel 6

Your Purrfect Trip Awaits
Motel 6 - Your Pet-Friendly Motel

We understand that pets are part of the family. At Motel 6, we always aim to make family cats and dogs, welcome at our properties across the country. While we can't always accommodate every request (sorry, no Grizzly Bears!), service animals and well-behaved pets are welcome.

Pets are permitted at our more than 1,400 properties across the United States, unless they pose a health or safety risk, or are prohibited by law. Motel 6 has a pet limit of 2 pets per room, with a combined weight of 150 lbs. Also, some state and local municipalities forbid any pets other than service animals.

Please note that animals that pose a health or safety risk may not remain onsite. This includes pets that, in our managers' discretion, are too numerous for any one room, cause damage to our property or that of other guests, are too disruptive, are not properly attended, or demonstrate undue aggression.