Motel 6 Online Security

Motel 6's online reservations system is secure and your credit card information will be encrypted.

After you have checked availability for a motel location and have clicked on the "Proceed with Booking" button to access the "Guest Information" page, the remaining reservation process is secure.

If your browser is set up properly, when you first enter a secure page, you will see a warning that you will be viewing pages over a secure connection. If you do not get this type of message, you may have turned it off or need to ensure that your browser is set up correctly to notify you when entering secure pages.

Unfortunately because there are numerous browsers and browser versions, we are unable to address each possible way to view the security of our reservation pages. However, the following is how to check security on the "Guest Information" page if you are using Internet Explorer 5.0:

  1. Right click on "Guest Information" page
  2. Select Properties
  3. Click on "Certificates" button - the secure icon will appear and an explanation of the Certificate Properties will be displayed
Motel 6 reservations call 1-800-4-MOTEL6 (1-800-466-8356) or en español (Spanish): 1-877-467-7224