Sustainable Development

Motel 6 has made a commitment to be sensitive to our fragile environment. Here are just a few ways we protect our environment and conserve natural resources:

  • Participation in energy and water conservation programs
  • Water saving shower heads and faucet aerators
  • Technologically advanced heating and cooling systems to reduce energy consumption
  • Corporate office recycling program
  • Printing our 5 million directories on recycled paper using soy ink
  • Use of fluorescent lighting, which consumes 75% less energy than conventional bulbs
  • Recycling of fluorescent light bulbs & alkaline batteries in all Motel 6 properties to divert mercury from landfills.

Earth Day Programs

Each year on April 22nd, worldwide Earth Day, Motel 6 properties participate in environmental awareness and outreach programs including but not limited to planting trees and native plants, volunteering in local communities, cleaning of water sources, and organized recycling programs.

Linen Reuse Program

We ask for our guests' help in pursuing our conservation efforts by allowing them to participate in our 'Linen Reuse Program'. For our guests who stay more than one night, we will allow them to reuse their linens to reduce energy and water consumption. More information about this program can be found by reading our in-room information card.

Greener Rooms

Motel 6 is redesigning its properties across the U.S. and Canada in order to meet higher green standards. Our all-new design incorporates environmentally-friendly features such as wood-effect flooring made from unused industry scraps, fluorescent light bulbs in all rooms, low flow shower heads, high efficiency toilets, and high efficiency heating and air-conditioning units.

Motel 6 Becomes Nation's First LEED® Certified Economy Lodging Property

The Motel 6 in Northlake, Texas, is the first economy hotel in the nation to attain LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Click here to learn more about our first LEED Certified Motel 6 property.

Partnership with NPEP (National Partnership for Environmental Priorities)

To further our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment, Motel 6 has joined the EPA's National Partnership for Environmental Priorities (NPEP). The EPA's program aspires to decrease the use of dangerous chemicals that result from various products and processes. Our goals for this program are:

Goal #1: To reduce the amount of mercury in all of the local landfills by increasing our compliance of proper disposal and recycling of fluorescent light bulbs from our hotels.

Goal #2: To reduce amount of zinc, manganese dioxide and potassium hydroxide going to landfills by properly disposing 4,000 pounds of alkaline batteries.

In May 2011, Motel 6 properties successfully reached both of the goals set with the EPA.

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